Company Overview

SDL Solar is a leading photovoltaic developer that is active worldwide with its main focus being the European, African, United States, and Latin American markets. SDL Solar provides a full range of solutions for PV projects in all stages, from the development of permits and licenses, to the financing, connection, management, sale and ownership of operating parks. SDL Solar has considerable experience, relationships and insights in the PV industry, particularly throughout southeast Europe and the United States.

SDL Solar is an authorized distributor and service partner of Sungrow® inverters, the world’s premier utility-scale PV inverter. Sungrow® is a leading provider of utility scale power solutions for the renewable energy market having developed and deployed the world's most widely utilized large scale solar PV inverter solutions. SDL Solar’s relationship with Sungrow® gives the company strategic inroads into the PV component industry and access to PV opportunities around the world.

SDL Solar’s large network of global industry relationships allows the company to have insights into the latest developments in the ever-changing PV market. This real time access to market information gives the company and its partners a competitive advantage, improving its services and strategic positioning. This, coupled with SDL Solar’s holistic approach, adds value to projects, setting the grounds for long term relationships with strategic allies and creating bonds that will flourish through emerging business opportunities.